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International Business

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Significant part of Giora Eiland Ltd’s activity is introducing and connecting between Israeli companies and potential clients / investors / partners worldwide.

Seemingly it is something that anyone can do but we believe to have six proven advantages in making these deals happen:

  1. General Eiland is a top qualified expert in the fields of national security, defense, intelligence and cyber. For all companies related to these sectors, Eiland can evaluate the technology and experience in the most professional way and will recommend and promote only Israeli companies with a definite advantage.

  2. General Eiland is a well-known figure in Israel and enjoys an excellent public reputation. Besides his formal career he is also a frequent commentator in the Israeli Media on strategic and political affairs. This makes it very easy for him to approach any CEO and any owner of every company in Israel from any field and to get immediate attention from them in the most positive way.

  3. Giora Eiland ltd has already proven track and experience with auditioning companies, making sure we only work with companies who can deliver exceptional value to the client/investor/partner. The first phase of our methodology usually includes a thorough examination of the following questions:

  • To what extent there is a real need for the company’s product/technology?

  • Is the company capable of delivering the goods: producing the products or developing the technology as we are told?

  • Aren’t any similar products/ technology which are more successful?

      If we are convinced that the company can bring the best value to fulfil an actual need, then          we take up the task to present it to relevant clients/investors/partners from our worldwide             network.

  4. In presenting a company to other relevant stake holders, we usually don’t count only on the        company’s own marketing material, but rather furnish our own document, written in our own        words and explaining what it is all about. We are very experienced and strong believers in            comprehensive yet simple and articulate writing.

  5. We are capable of writing and handling dialogues in four languages: Hebrew, English,                  Spanish and Italian.

  6. We usually gain a lot of trust from both parties (even if we represent only one side) and              during negotiations or commercial disputes we can serve as mediators, bridge gaps and            come up with win-win solutions which are good for everybody. 

In summary, all of our advantages described above were already put in use in recent years and helped to execute numerous successful transactions that we promoted from various fields such as cyber, aviation, medical, IT and many more..

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