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General Eiland’s expertise in this fields relates both to defensive and offensive cyber warfare. Back in 2004 when Eiland was the head of Israel’s National Security Council, he was also the first official to head the National Steering Committee Against Cyber Threats. In this position he led the development of national operational concepts, methodologies, and the prioritization of protecting national assets from cyber-attacks.


Ever since he has been involved in important national considerations on the subject including participation in high level national drills aiming to raise Israel’s preparedness in case of cyber warfare.  

Eiland’s main expertise in the field of cyber, doesn’t derive only from the technological aspect but rather from the knowhow of what should be done on a national level in order to deal with Cyber threats.

Another aspect that Eiland can offer is in fact technology related. As opposed to other security risks, most organizations don’t really know what the weak points of their own computer systems are. In other words, where does their vulnerability lies when it comes to Cyber-attacks. As a result, many organizations seem to buy various solutions that don’t protect them where they should. The good news is that there is a cost-effective efficient solution for these scenarios which Eiland advocates and can be offered to clients whether they are governmental organizations, law enforcement agencies and private corporates.

In addition to protective Cyber, there is a more sensitive and no less important fields of offensive Cyber. Offensive Cyber is an ability to penetrate computer systems not only to steal information and data buy can also be used to destroy systems completely. As a rule, offensive Cyber products can be sold only to national governmental agencies (police, intelligence etc.). Eiland is also familiar with excellent Israeli solutions in this field which off course can be sold only to democratic stable regimes.  

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