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General (ret) Giora Eiland held an illustrious career in the Israeli Defense Forces, as well as a senior public position as the head of Israel’s National Security Council.
These have placed him in the top security echelon within Israel and internationally. He leverages his experience and international relationships built over decades in the security and strategic planning fields in his ongoing consultancy.
Eiland is also a frequent commentator in the Israeli and international media on national security and strategic affairs. 
Our company, owned and managed by General Eiland provides boutique tailor-made services and solutions for various clients such as governments, multinational corporations and organizations, employing extensive experience and unique methodology.
Giora Eiland Ltd., Owner (2007-2022)
A private company which has successfully executed numerous consultancy projects including:
  • Security expert opinion in a multinational arbitration between government-owned corporations, including analysis, comprehensive report and presentation in front of international tribunal
  • Development of comparative methodology for assessing military norms and conducts during armed conflicts for an international initiative
  • Development of a comprehensive methodology instructing modern states how to combat 21st century terrorism
  • Security expert opinions for private and public Israeli companies, including presentation in front the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee of the Israeli Knesset
  • Ongoing consultancy and advisory to Israel’s national defense industries including IAI (Israel Aerospace Industries)
  • Promoting and facilitating international transactions for Israeli defense and hi-tech companies.
Prime Minister’s Office, Head of National Security Council (NSC) (2004-2006)
  • Led the Israeli National Security Council in preparing strategic assessments, policy analyses and recommendations for the Prime Minister on all central security and foreign affairs issues, including, inter alia, Israeli-Palestinian relations, Iranian nuclear project, security threats from the northern border (Syria and Lebanon), local and global terrorism, strategic dialogue with the U.S., relations with the EU and key European countries.  
  • Led the drafting, planning, and coordination of the Disengagement Plan from Gaza; including early deliberations with President Bush and the U.S. Administration, coordination with the World Bank and Donor countries, and dialogue with the Palestinian Authority.
  • Led several projects related to homeland security. Was in charge of the activity of the Counter Terrorism Department of the state of Israel.
  • Was the head of the national steering committee against cyber threats.
  • Participated in all Government and Cabinet meetings.
  • Maintained ongoing ties with key political and governmental figures, diplomats, researchers and journalists from the U.S., Europe, Russia, India, Turkey, and elsewhere. Excellent professional and personal contacts in the U.S., Europe, Russia, the U.N. and the World Bank.
Israel Defense Forces, Head of Planning Branch,  (2001-2003)
  • In charge of overall planning of IDF activity, including organization, budgeting, long- and short-term investments, contingency and preparedness, training and procurement, including:
    • The IDF multi-year plan;
    • The IDF’s budget (12 B$)
    • IDF’s organization and structure, including planning and implementation of reorganization.
      IDF's planning of Human Resources.
    • Review of large technological projects.
    • Review and authorization of foreign exchange sales and procurement.
    • Planning human resources allocation and utilization in various military branches.
    • Coordination of the IDF’s position with regard to proposed Knesset laws, international agreements, and policy plans.
    • In charge of IDF’s strategic relations with foreign militaries. Built and maintained relationships with key defense and security establishments in countries around the world.
  • In charge of any and all security aspects of political plans:
    • Provided regular briefings for the Prime Minister and key Cabinet ministers.
    • Provided regular briefings for key U.S., European, and other international actors on Israeli-Palestinian relations.
    • Maintained close ties with Jordanian, Egyptian and Palestinian security officials.
Israel Defense Forces, Head of the Operation Branch, (1999-2001)
  • Responsible for overall planning and monitoring of IDF land, sea, and air operations.
  • Review and approval of military operations in near and far theaters.
  • Responsible for planning and execution of the Israeli withdrawal from Lebanon (in May 2000), including the negotiations with the U.N. on the demarcation of the “Blue Line” (the de facto border), relocation of military bases, and revising the applicable military doctrine re the northern border.
  • Leading operational and training cooperation with foreign militaries.
Israel Defense Forces – Previous Military Positions (1970-1999)
  • Served in all positions through the chain of command in the Israeli Army Parachutes and Infantry units.
  • Participated in the 1973 War, the 1976 Entebbe rescue operation, and as a battalion commander during the 1982 Lebanon War
  • Commander of the Givati Infantry Brigade 
  • Commander of the IDF’s Officers Academy 
  • Chief Infantry and Parachutes Corp 
  • Chief of Operations Division of the General Staff     
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