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Written by General Eiland in 2007 for the Washington Institute, it is still perfectly relevant and objective for today. This article provides a comprehensive yet articulated description and analysis of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the attempts to solve it. Recommended for anyone who wants to understand this complexed conflict and the reasons why is it so hard to resolve.  

Written by General Eiland for the FOII, This report provides insights, methods and guide lines for any liberal democratic states dealing with modern day terrorism. It is based on the vast and long years of relevant experience gained by Eiland and the state of Israel. It also includes analyses of case studies and lessons from actual events.

Written by General Eiland for the JISS. This article addresses Israel's mistakes and flawed policy in handling the Covid-19 situation on a national level.  The article contains many lessons that can be applied to any state which is forced to manage a national crisis 

Written by General Eiland for the INSS. This article explains the methodology and the considerations for structuring Israel's defense budget and holds insights that are relevant to national defense budget planning in general.

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